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Well, it sure has been a busy week, so sorry about not posting for a few days.


Geoff and I had a chance to try out Britannia Brewing last week, and I’ll have my opinion on their fantastic lineup of beers out over the next day or two. This new brewery, located in Steveston, was definitely one of the most adorable breweries I’ve ever been to, and we will most definitely be back. Stay tuned!

Four Winds Brewing Co

A typical favourite of ours, the Four Winds brewery in Delta has never failed us in producing delicious beers and noms.
We popped by today after having tried their new limited edition Childhood Milk Chocolate Mild last week..This is definitely in my top 10 favourite beers ever. Every sip leaves an aftertaste of real chocolate milk, and reminiscent of childhood while drinking milk from the little 1L jugs. It’s not likedark chocolate or semisweet or just “beer-flavoured,” but real chocolatey goodness. This 18IBU, 3.3% beer would be a delicious dessert beer (and every other meal beer too). I highly recommend checking it out before it’s gone.
Other favourites from here include their Saison, Oat Porter, and Juxtapose IPA. Definitely worth the visit out to Tilbury!

This beer is so delicious I actually forgot to take a picture before I got started. It comes with some yummy smooth foam on top too. :).

BC Breweries

Here is a list of the breweries in Vancouver. I have included which ones I have been to, as well as a list of the ones I have been to since I started up my blog.

Brewery City Been there prior to blog Been there since blog
33 Acres Brewing Co Vancouver Yes No
Big Rock Brewing Co Vancouver No No
Black Kettle Brewing Co North Vancouver No No
Bomber Brewing East Vancouver No No
Brassneck Brewing Vancouver No No
Bridge Brewing Co Vancouver No No
Callister Brewing Co Vancouver No No
Coal Harbour Brewing Co Vancouver No No
Doan’s Craft Brewing Co East Vancouver No No
Deep Cove Brewers Vancouver No No
Dogwood Brewing Vancouver No No
Faculty Brewing Co Vancouver Yes No
Granville Island Brewing Vancouver Yes No
Green Leaf Brewing Vancouver No No
Hearthstone Brewing Vancouver No No
Main Street Brewing Co Vancouver No No
Off The Rail Brewing Co Vancouver No No
Powell Street Brewery Vancouver No No
Parallel 49 Brewing Co Vancouver Yes No
Pat’s Pub Vancouver No No
Postmark Brewing Co Vancouver No No
R&B Brewing Co Vancouver Yes No
Red Truck Brewing Co Vancouver Yes No
Steamworks Brewing Co Vancouver Yes No
Storm Brewing Co Vancouver No No
Strange Fellows Brewing Co Vancouver No No
Strathcona Brewing Co Vancouver No No
Yaletown Brewing Co Vancouver No No
Big Ridge Brewing Co Surrey Yes No
Central City Brewers Surrey Yes No
Russell Brewing Co Surrey Yes No
White Rock Brewing Surrey Yes No
White Rock Beach Beer Co White Rock Yes Yes
Canuck Empire Brewing Abbotsford No No
Fieldhouse Brewing Co Abbotsford Yes No
Old Abbey Ales Abbotsford Yes No
Ravens Brewing Co Abbotsford No No
Dead Frog Brewery Aldergrove Yes No
Coast Mountain Brewing Whistler No No
High Mountain Brewing Co Whistler No No
Whistler Brewing Co Whistler Yes No
Dageraad Brewery Burnaby No No
Britannia Brewing Co Richmond No Yes
Flying Beaver Bar & Grill Richmond No No
Fuggles and Warlock Brewing Richmond Yes No
Foamers’ Folly Brewing Co Pitt Meadows No No
Four Winds Brewing Co Delta Yes Yes
Turning Point Brewery Delta No No
Howe Sound Inn and Brewery Squamish Yes No
KPU Brewing Lab Langley Yes No
Trading Post Brewing Co Langley Yes No
Maple Meadows Brewing Co Maple Ridge No No
Ridge Brewing Co Maple Ridge No No
Mission Springs Brewing Co Mission No No
Moody Ales Port Moody Yes No
Parkside Brewing Co Port Moody Yes No
Twin Sails Brewing Co Port Moody Yes No
Yellow Dog Brewing Co Port Moody Yes No
Old Yale Brewing Co Chilliwack No No
Persephone Brewing Co Gibsons No No
Steel and Oak Brewing Co New Westminster No No
Townsite Brewing Co Powell River No No

Thank you to Beer Me BC for their map in progress which aided me in filling out my own.

White Rock Beach Beer Company

Today, we went to explore this charming little brewery, the White Rock Beach Beer Company. Unbeknownst to us, they just opened their brand new tasting room yesterday! I was silly enough to not think to take any pictures.


The beachy vibe in there was wonderful. I loved the adirondack chairs and the light fixtures made from crab traps and surfboards. While it seems like seating may be a work in progress as it gave a slightly cluttered feel at first, it was definitely wonderfully homey, from the physical atmosphere to the friendly men working behind the bar.


They had two beers on tap today: a brown ale and a pale ale. We tasted both, and sat down for one of their 12oz sleeves. I am typically not a fan of pale ales, as I find they can be a bit too hoppy, but this ale seemed nice and mellow with a little kick. Great for someone starting to get into hoppier beers like me. I had a sleeve of the brown ale and it was wonderful. I felt like I had the lightness of an ale with the flavour of a porter.


With the great location and so far impressive drinks, we will definitely be keeping an eye out and returning once they have expanded the menu. I promise to get some pictures for next time!

First blog post

Well, hello world!


This is my new brewery commentary blog. I don’t really know if these will be reviews or just commenting on my thoughts of each brewery that we go to. I suppose that is just what a review is though…


My mission is to try every brewery in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley areas of BC, and eventually every single one in the province. Between my boyfriend and I, we have already been to quite a few already, but we will try to start from scratch.


I’d love to hear your comments, thoughts, and concerns as I go through this as I am trying to use this blog to keep up all of the skills I learned to be able to write throughout university! Hopefully, I will be able to inspire and/or convert some of you to the micromarket from the macromarket too!