White Rock Beach Beer Company

Today, we went to explore this charming little brewery, the White Rock Beach Beer Company. Unbeknownst to us, they just opened their brand new tasting room yesterday! I was silly enough to not think to take any pictures.


The beachy vibe in there was wonderful. I loved the adirondack chairs and the light fixtures made from crab traps and surfboards. While it seems like seating may be a work in progress as it gave a slightly cluttered feel at first, it was definitely wonderfully homey, from the physical atmosphere to the friendly men working behind the bar.


They had two beers on tap today: a brown ale and a pale ale. We tasted both, and sat down for one of their 12oz sleeves. I am typically not a fan of pale ales, as I find they can be a bit too hoppy, but this ale seemed nice and mellow with a little kick. Great for someone starting to get into hoppier beers like me. I had a sleeve of the brown ale and it was wonderful. I felt like I had the lightness of an ale with the flavour of a porter.


With the great location and so far impressive drinks, we will definitely be keeping an eye out and returning once they have expanded the menu. I promise to get some pictures for next time!

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