Four Winds Brewing Co

A typical favourite of ours, the Four Winds brewery in Delta has never failed us in producing delicious beers and noms.
We popped by today after having tried their new limited edition Childhood Milk Chocolate Mild last week..This is definitely in my top 10 favourite beers ever. Every sip leaves an aftertaste of real chocolate milk, and reminiscent of childhood while drinking milk from the little 1L jugs. It’s not likedark chocolate or semisweet or just “beer-flavoured,” but real chocolatey goodness. This 18IBU, 3.3% beer would be a delicious dessert beer (and every other meal beer too). I highly recommend checking it out before it’s gone.
Other favourites from here include their Saison, Oat Porter, and Juxtapose IPA. Definitely worth the visit out to Tilbury!

This beer is so delicious I actually forgot to take a picture before I got started. It comes with some yummy smooth foam on top too. :).

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